Row Filter Condition

I have a slice that isn’t returning any rows in my filter condition
I put the following function in [District ID]=“D1”
and when I check the data nothing returns. What am I screwing up here?

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure but I wonder if “D1” is text that constitutes one of your district IDs or if it means column D row 1 in the spreadsheet. If D1 refers to the spreadsheet, then that’s your problem. So can you begin by confirming that “D1” is the text name of a district and that you are sure that you have some rows in which “D1” is in the [District ID] column?


I’m not sure what occurred, but I used the full name for the district and it seemed to correct the issue. Thanks for the advice.

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Glad you got it to work! :slight_smile: