Row filter for a slice using a lookup

I am using this on a field- this is a field on a column:
LOOKUP([Company], “Tblfacility”,Facility,VP)
and it pulls in the correct VP for the Company of the row in the table

I need to have a selection on a Row Filter for a slice and I want to have the VP have view access
Neither of these work: (so the result has to be yes/no)
I am signed on as the vp and these are not working:

[Company]=LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(), Tblfacility,VP, Facility),
USEREMAIL()=LOOKUP(Company, Tblfacility,Facility,VP),

Perhaps this:

USEREMAIL()=LOOKUP(Company, Tblfacility,Facility,VP),

should be this?

USEREMAIL()=LOOKUP([Company], Tblfacility,Facility,VP),

Thank you!

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