Row Filter for Data Slice

Hello AppSheet Community :wave:

I would like to exclude all rows from a data slice where the value for the column “R Number” is blank.

So I tried using a FILTER() expression to create my data slice, but AppSheet did not like that the FILTER() expression returns a list.

Then I tried using the expression ISBLANK([R Number]), but it did not remove the columns it was supposed to.

Then I tried ISBLANK([_THISROW].[R Number]) but then the slice returned absolutely nothing.

I’m out of ideas. How do I remove the rows with a blank value for the R Number column?

Thank you AppSheet! :slight_smile:

Please post a screenshot of the ISBLANK([R Number]) expression that didn’t work.

Please also post a screenshot of the slice configuration.

Finally, please post a screenshot of the column list (from Data >> Columns) for the table the slice is built on, including at least the R Number column.

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Row filters are a way to filter the rows in a slice. Below, you can see the expression in blue next to the “Row filter condition” label. This expression defines the Yes/No filter condition used by the slice. Rows that satisfy the condition are part of the slice; those that fail the condition are excluded.