Row Filtering by date

I’m trying to filter rows by date, specifically using the current Month & Year MONTH([DATE])+year([date])=Month(now())+year(now()), but this doesn’t seem to be working correctly.

While it does pull this current month’s data, it is also pulling December 2018. When looking at the ‘test’ data, I cannot deduce why it is pulling information from 5 entries in during the December '18 timeframe. Any ideas??

This is not correct -

Change it to AND(MONTH([DATE])=Month(now()), YEAR([DATE])=year(now()))

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That’s perfect!!! Thanks @Bellave_Jayaram!
(to be honest, I was kinda winging it by adding on the + year([date])… but I knew someone would set me straight!)

You are welcome

Another way is EOMONTH(TODAY())=EOMONTH([Date]).