Row insertion

How do I insert a row in spreadsheet using appsheet.

I want to add a row (C) of data before row (D) in spreadsheet using appsheet.

Each time I add data using appsheet, it’s recorded in the last row. I don’t want this. I want the row of data that I add to be before the last row.

Any help please

It is not possible to insert a new row anywhere but at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

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So how can I update a row called “Total” that sum up the values of a column if a new row has been added after the “Total” row.

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You’ll have to use an action to update the existing total row wherever it may occur, or optionally add it if it doesn’t occur.

See also:

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Thank you so much sir. I am really learning a lot.

My question this round is still related to data insertion.

I have figured out how to generate total of a column Using “Actions” through sum(Table_Name[Column_Name]) function as you Explained in one of your posts.

My Question is this
How do I insert this “Total” generated in spreadsheet and also display it in the app?

Thank you.