Row key for custom form view


It is possible I may have overlooked the announcement for new feature of this, but I noticed there is additional new optoin for form view. This option seems not to be avaialble on system generated form view, but custom made form view.

What does this new option will do for us ? When is it recommended as use cases?

We passed one key value to this option, but could not observe any changes in app behavior.



Another screenshot.

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@tsuji_koichi This is an old feature and it should open a form view for that record you have specified with this option. I made a quick test and it seems to be working just fine with the key value as “06b51f6b”.


Thanks for telling me and advice.
I should have been less attentive, I was not aware of this option well.

I just tought what the user case will be.

Possible, we may place this form view to menu or primary view against cutom/user table to show the form view for login user, using any(select type of expression?

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Correct… or if you want to open always only one record from a table without using any slice or security filter.


Perfect. Thank you sir.