<<_ROW_WEB_LINK>> in email that is sent from workflow

I have a workflow that sends an email when something is changed in a table.
In the email I am including a <<_ROW_WEB_LINK>> to link the user to the form they need to approve.
What view is coming up? I want to go to one of the views I have created from a slice.
It looks like is just bringing up every field in my table? How can I remove some of the fields, for instance a virtual column is showing.,

What value are you placing in the <<ROW_WEB_LINK>> column?

I have not done the below but understand the workings. If others have better way, please contribute.

If you have a certain view in mind, you can launch the browser version of the app from the emulator and see what URL’s are used for the views. Place that value in the column

Launch Browser Version
Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 8.30.31 AM

For example, lets say I wanted a link to open a specific record in its Detail view. I can navigate to the Detail view and get this URL:

Now, that I can see where the row ID is inserted, I can use a CONCATENATE() function to dynamically insert the row ID when I create the email message and insert the link to go directly to the desired row information.

You can apply theses steps to virtually any view.

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Yes, those work directly when the view doesn’t have dynamic dependencies…such as passing the row ID.

Also, I am realizing that as you navigate through views, a “breadcrumb” is included in the path in order to navigate backward. You may or, most likely, may not want that.

However, once you know how the parameters are passed, then you CAN just tack on those dependencies.

For instance, if I pick up the View Link from a random detail view, I get the below to some random/first row:

Now that I know how row ID’s are included I can change it to this to get a specific row:

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what would be the syntax on the <<row_web_link>>…
When the user clicks on that link I want it to go to the recordid (that the action was performed on), in this view