Rows added to google sheet column have value "COMPUTED_VALUE", breaking arrayformula

I have a column in Google Sheets that is computed with a complicated array formula (below) that AppSheet correctly detects as containing a formula.

Unfortunately it populates Auto Compute:Spreadsheet Formula with the string “COMPUTED_VALUE”, and writes that string to the spreadsheet when I add a new row through the App, which breaks the array formula.

I can work around this by clearing the Spreadsheet Formula field, but I have to do this every time I regenerate the table structure.

If I use a simpler array formula there is no problem.

Edit: I realize this has come up before but now that Google has acquired AppSheet, perhaps the AppSheet folks can drive a proper fix to the issue? Thanks!


=arrayformula(ifs(row(E:E)=1,“orderq2”,ne(E:E,""),HYPERLINK("…" & E:E, E:E),left(R:R,9)="{"“amazon”"",hyperlink("…" & REGEXEXTRACT(R:R,"\d{3}-\d{7}-\d{7}"),REGEXEXTRACT(R:R,"\d{3}-\d{7}-\d{7}")),true,""))

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I have run into ths problem also and have to manually clear it out. I dont remember having this problem last year but it turned up in an app I only use for one month every year.


AppSheet’s support for spreadsheet formulas is limited. I am unaware of any intent to enhance it.