Rows are filled in disorder at spreadsheet

Please could you help me to understand why rows are not filled in a sequence order. For example data appears at row 58 one day, next day all data is filled from row 5000. Is there any action to do in order to avoid this? File usually has an average of 2000 rows.

Is the _RowNumber column the key column for the table?

Hi Steve, No is another column

More details are probably needed. Is your spreadsheet a Google sheet? Could anything else be writing to the worksheet? What is the key column and how are the keys being generated? Could you provide an image of the table in AppSheet that is associated with the sheet you are experiencing problems in?

Timestamp column is the key column. Spreadsheet was shared with another user, but any issue was occuring since it

The table looks normal. We can’t see the additional columns beyond #9 but I’ll assume they are not out of the ordinary.

A question occurred to me, each day are you seeing the insertions happening progressively further down on the sheet? Or do they jump around, i.e. Day 1 starts at row 58, Day 2 starts at row 5000, Day 3 jumps back up to row 1258, etc?

I don’t know the history of the sheet. The only thing that I can think of is that the rows being skipped are occupied somehow. All it takes is a space in a column somewhere in that row, even in unused columns, for that row to be marked as used.

Here is what I recommend. Copy the sheet for backup. DELETE all unused columns. DELETE all rows you believe to be empty. This will not impact the app and should retain the data in the undeleted rows. Re-sync the app.

Why do this? If you are using Google, sheets typically default to 26 columns and 1000 rows. The unused columns and rows DO add a small bit of overhead in data size and WILL slow down synchronization. If your app has a lot of sheets, the unused portions can really add up. As a common practice, I suggest keeping the sheets trimmed to only what is being used.

Once you have done this “cleanup”, monitor the usage of the app. If you again see rows insert down in the sheet further than expected, then this likely means that something is unexpectedly inserting rows in your table. If the unexpected rows look empty, check for the existence of spaces in one of the columns.

I cannot think of any other reason you could be experiencing the issue you have described.

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Insertions are ocurring progressively further down on the sheet

Ok, then I recommend performing the “cleanup” I described. I believe there is some process that is inserting/updating rows in your sheet. It could be external from some completely other process, it could be formulas or it could even be some AppSheet processing doing something you are not expecting.

What we do is delete all empty rows in order to consolidate information in one block, but it seems that’s works just for a moment. Next day data appears down on sheet

Ok. Sounds like you are doing some cleanup already. If you delete the empty rows and immediately insert a new row, where does it get inserted?

At row 5000

Is there any chache memory that should be deleted? Spreadsheet is located at one drive

I suggest you contact directly for this issue.

I don’t think memory is the issue. If its One Drive then this is an Excel workbook? I haven’t used this source from AppSheet. I would agree with @Steve and contact support for more help.

It would be nice to post back here should you resolve the issue.

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Until now, problem is not fixed

Would you be willing to create a copy of the app and assign it to me to look at? I would attempt to connect it to a Google sheet and see if I can re-create the issue.

Thanks for your help! We could solve problem replacing existing spreadsheet by a new one. Maybe something related with format applied to spreadsheet could cause the issue.


Glad you were able to resolve the issue!! Good luck!