Rows showing up in multiple groupings

I have a column that is for telling how long an invoice has until it’s due. Somewhere the column got turned into a duration an all of the rows appeared in both the overdue and upcoming groups in my deck view. Once I changed it back to text they went back to the normal groups. I was wondering if this was some odd interaction that I stumbled upon or a full bug.

There seem to be circumstances where the app editor will attempt to (re-)discover (and therefore possibly change) a column’s type when you modify a column’s app formula. Try making a trivial change to the column’s app formula and see if the column type changes.

IFS(HOUR([INVOICE_DUE_DATE]-TODAY())/24 > 14, ‘Upcoming’,
HOUR([INVOICE_DUE_DATE]-TODAY())/24 < 7, ‘Overdue’,
HOUR([INVOICE_DUE_DATE]-TODAY())/24 <= 14, ‘Less Than 7’)
This is the app formula so it seems natural that it would try to turn it into a duration. When I changed the last statement to ‘Less Than 7 Days’, it converted the column back to a duration again.

I’d call that a bug. Please engage directly for this.