Rows to be displayed as individual rows in table form in report template

I have a read-only table with the following structure


I’m working on a report that needs to email this information as it is in the same format at regular interval. Also, I don’t want to create a pdf of this data but would like to have the same displayed as part of email body.
If I use the Select or List expression, that displays the data in one line separated by commas i.e

<<LIST(DNote_Summary[Customer], DNote_Summary[sum Counter])>>

displays following result

Customer 1 , Customer 2 , Customer 3 , Customer 4 , Customer 5 , Customer 6 , Customer 7 , Customer 8 , Customer 1 , 3 , 1 , 1 , 20 , 23 , 1 , 10 , 2 , 6

What is the way out that this information can be displayed in table format within email body as per the above snapshot

Hi @Neeraj_Malik
Have you tried putting a table in the body template?

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I’m not sure of the expression to do that…is it something like <<Customer>>

Please try with a template something like below


This worked very well Sir @Suvrutt_Gurjar , Thanks very much!!


You are welcome @Neeraj_Malik .

Since you have quoted another expression in your latest response, may I request you to confirm which expression you exactly used?

This will benefit any future readers of this post thread.


Have used exact expression as recommended by you @Suvrutt_Gurjar i.e
Quoted incorrect post by mistake which is corrected now. Thanks for highlighting!


Thank you @Neeraj_Malik

All the best.