Rules dependidng of user tables

Hi, I have table with all my users email and also a user type, I want to add a condicional to the other tables that only the ones that are users type 1 can only see, users type 2 add.

Like this?

  LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(), "Users", "Email", "UserType"),
  "type 2", "ADDS_ONLY",

I think it what i need but, if is more than two types.
Is goint to be something like this ?
LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(), “Users”, “Email”, “UserType”),
“type 2”, “ADDS_ONLY”,
“type 3”,“UPDATES_ONLY”,

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Give it a try and find out. :slight_smile:

Other question is if I have some columns that have to be only editable for some type of users is a way to select the colums that have to take that condicion or I have to add the condicion in every column that need it.

This. :frowning:

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ok perfect, One las question is about the size of the text ;

the size of the text in the answer is bigger than the size of the text in the question

The best you can do is use a format rule to reduce the size of the font used to display the column value.

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thanks for al your help

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