Run multiple actions from single button?

Is it possible to have a single button perform a few sequences of actions? I have an action that “Closes Job”, which sets a column on the record to TRUE. But, I want to show another view that can ask for follow-up questions.

For example…

When the user clicks, “Close Job”, I want to perform the following

  1. Mark current _CurrentRow.IsComplete = TRUE
  2. Add some values of the _CurrentRow to a table named, WorkOrderOperations.
  3. Open up the view WorkOrderOperations_Detail allowing the user to provide additional details.
  4. Return to “Main” view.

Is this possible?

Hello @squatch4014, yes, it is perfectly possible, you can do that using grouped actions, read more about it here:

Steps 1,2 and 3 could belong to a single grouped action, but the 4th step would have to be a different action, since step 3 requires user interaction, and grouped actions are run back-to-back.


@Rafael_ANEIC-PY - I totally missed that one of grouping and running similar actions for a table. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I can achieve step 3 but how could I “pass” the variable to that view?

For example…

When I close job #12345 by clicking on the grouped action of “Close Job”, I want to pass job number #12345 to the WorkOrderOperations view. Is that possible?

No problem, remember that when you’re running an action on a row, you have access to all of it’s columns, since the action is executing on that context.

So let’s say your first action would be one that “Changes the values of some columns of this row” which would set the job status as “Closed”.

The second action would be “Add a new row to another table using values of this row” and then you would simply select the columns you want to fill using the column values from the row you just closed.