Run one action for n times based on calculation

I have a table in which i have a list of values. I wish to split these values into separate values and then add a new row action with each value.

so far i have managed doing so when i know in advance the number of values in the list and then created an action for each value using this for example INDEX(SPLIT([EMP ID],","),2)

Is there a way to do so when i have many values in the list and with only one action?

To clarify, i want my action to run based on Count(LIST(“table name”[EMP ID]))

Each action will execute
Count(LIST(“table name”[EMP ID])))

This way, i dont have to pre create actions for all possible outcomes


I’m not sure about exactly what your situation requires but I would guess that you could use the following kinds of actions:

  • Data: execute an action on a set or rows

  • Group: execute a sequence of actions

You can find some information on the first kind of action here if you scroll down or search in the page for “set or rows”:


Thanks, however what i need is a solution where an action is created not by the app builder but rather by the data entetred by the user.

I see. But actions can be triggered by data entry. I’m not sure if that would work in the particular situation you are describing but there are several different ways to have data entry trigger actions. Workflows are one of them:

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I know, right now im trying to use change counter to trigger a flow, not sure how it works. I need a change made in one table to initiate a flow in another table

I see. Good luck!