'Running' monthly scheduled reports

I have set a report to send one email with attachment at the 10th of every month.

But I need to test if the report formats are correct and if the emails trigger as they should.

There is a ‘run’ option in the reports part of the app editor, and there is a ‘log’ button just beside it. I have used the log option to debug errors within the template.

But what I want to know is that do I get an email with the attachment when I press the ‘Run’ button? I have pressed ‘Run’ on the report almost half an hour ago but still there is nothing in my inbox.

Is this normal? Or are errors still there within my mechanism or template?

Have you checked your Audit Log? If the report is not producing any data, then no email is sent by nature.


Yes. I was just about to clarify. It’s always the case of a stray bracket :smile:

It’s solved.

Glad you figured it out