Running Total

How do you make a Virtual Column that contains the running total of values in another column?
My data key is the DATE field. The data column contains Calories Consumed per Day. I want to make a Running Total of Calories Consumed per Day. E.g.: 1800 calories on Day 1, 1700 calories on Day 2, 2000 Calories on Day 3 would give running totals of
Day 1 1800
Day 2 3500
Day 3 5500

Can do it in a heart beat in Excel but can’t find the function on AppSheet. If I do it in Excel and pass it into the app when the data is updated by the app user, the running total formulas in Excel are scrambled. I think this is because AppSheet doesn’t like excel to have different formulas in the same column but by definition a running total formul in excel changes on each row.

Seems like it should be so hard…

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I found out how to create a Running Total in App Sheet



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