Salary slip want to calculate data per month The previous month's data is still in the spreadsheet. I want to keep data for 1 year

Time Recorder & Salary Slip App

Work recording app (this will record time - in and out of work)

  • Anyone using the app will enter through. Usersetitings first is to enter your own password. then will show the name
  • After inserting and pressing save It will appear on the job log page. The only thing is to press the action and save the job.

salary slip
The salary slip column is as follows:
date, to date, employee code, number of days to work

  • It will be cancelled. Date-to date, eg 01/07/2021-31/07/2021.
  • As soon as you select the date you are finished It will come up to fill out the page. is to enter employee code Then the first and last name will appear. The day you come to work, it will automatically go up.

Well, I do it now, it’s the salary slip. but not complete, namely
I’ve tried logging multiple times and tens of months in a spreadsheet, for example (from timestamp app data).

1234 anupong naja 01/07/2021 07:20:00
1234 anupong naja 02/07/2021 07:20:00

1234 anupong naja 01/08/2021 07:50:00
1234 anupong naja 01/08/2021 07:30:00

I want it to be like When selecting the date of the 7th month, the data of the 7th month will be displayed.
which is mine now, no matter which month I choose It’s all together

see month-specific information It’s like a finger scanner.
fetch data each month


from the picture shown is everyone’s time Notice that the code 10069 has the date of attendance of the month 6 months 7 months 8
When I put this code on my payslip app It includes the number of days of every month, at all, I want it to include only the month.

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