Sales Inline with ascending / descending data row

How to sort this sales list by date so that I can set it ascending or descending?
this section is called “related sales” on my detailed view.

When I click on VIEW it takes me to SALES INLINE table:

Hi @Jabbs ,

You can control this as the App Creator in the “UX” menu, in the “View” that you are controlling. In other words, this gets set at the view level, but the App User can’t change it.

There is a “Sort by” control in the View Options. Please see the screenshot. You should be able to select your date field and select ascending or decending.

If you want both, you could consider adding another view with the opposite setting. The user would have two different screens to go to depending on the sort they want.



@Scott_Haaland hi thank you for your answer.
My app has been already set like you said.
Check this:

I am in UX / Views / Ref Views
and Sort by was set to Descending.
No change at all, I was trying to set different Ref views but it doesn’t not work.

Hi @Jabbs , let me investigate this and get back to you.


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Hi @Jabbs ,

Can you confirm that the Sort By is on the correct View? It looks like you may be on the header table and not in the detail table? Can you confirm?


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@Scott_Haaland hello and thank you for your help
My UX:
1 - Primary Views
2 - Menu Views
3 - Ref Views:

  • product detail view
  • sales detail view
  • purchase detail view
  • return detail view

each product looks like this:

where I marked 3 sections:
1 - related sales for this item
2 - related purchases for this item
3 - related returns for this item

what I want to do is sort those 3 sections descending. At the top of each section, I’d like to have the last sale for that item with the earliest date. At the moment, it is the other way around.

Hi @Jabbs
You need to drill down to your ref views and change the sort order,


@Lynn problem is that I do not have “sales inline” view. I do not know where this section is.
if I knew where it is, I would have sorted it straight away.
This is my Ref View section:

this is something about column and formula …
my column “sprzedaż” which is on this picture at the top below the line

shows all sales related with this product and has REF_ROWS(“Sprzedaż”, “Numer”) formula.

How to add a rule to the above formula so that the related sales are sorted in descending order by date?

The ordering of entries in an inline table is controlled by the inline table view’s configuration.

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where is that? I do not have any inline view for sales that I set in the past so I do not know where I can change settings.

ok it was easy. I just click on show system views and I found sales_inline table settings. I did not realized that this table has options in UX.



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