Sales of products and inventory tracking

Looking for a sample app to track dails sales, purchase, and inventory movement for a retail shop.
Basically I would also like for the sales to get sum of the item sold before saving.
Kindly share a link if there is a similar sample app.
From there I will get a starting point.
Thank you team.

Hi @Arbogast

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You may find useful resources here:

The inventory manager should be a good start :slight_smile:

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Well, thank you @Aurelien for sharing these. I had gone through these apps.
If I would get a reference for the app that register daily sales I would appreciate.

You may want to use the inventory, add a column on the source sheets of “items”, with Price.
add a virtual column with “quantity*price”

And you will get the result you expect I think.


Thank you @Aurelien

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Hola yo tengo una y te puedo mostrar, mi teléfono es +523171035768

Hi @Arbogast You can start with this Sample. You can copy and customize it.

I hope it can be useful for you.


Hello @Ron_Adames
I’m happy to get a sample App that fulfill 90% of my quest.
Thank you very much @Ron_Adames :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Hi @Ron_Adames i have go through the community and found your link very useful but i can not figure out how to add a button “Add” in the form. Could you show me how to do that please? Thank you very much.

Hi @Chanrith_Chi

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Please have a look in the Column view of the table Order Details, and look into the column Order Id: