Same Column for free text and drop-list


i am wondering if there is a way to use same column so that you can put free text or choose from a list of items?
what i want to do is that user can enter free text in the field and as he typing a list of suggested items show up if he does not want any he can continue putting what he wants.

i am aware about the enum with allowing other values but has two issues
1- it takes you to another window to choose the items.
2- if u added another value it will remember it every time and maybe be shown to other users.

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Thanks for replying back.
i am aware with the suggested values. still the issue is that it takes u to another window to choose from or select the item u want.

what i need is something similar to the address type columns which auto complete the text based on a certain list or else it let u put what u want without going anywhere.

Iā€™m not aware of a way to get what you want. :frowning:

Thanks for answering

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