Same event in two version of the app

Maybe this is a really daft question but I will ask it anyway:

So I have two versions of the app: one production version and a development version which I update from the development version. In addition, I sometimes copy the development version to be able to test things or to isolate potential bugs. I suspect many other users do this too.

As a result of this, I will have 2-3 apps with the same bots in them. However, it seems that the bots that are on a schedule only run once. So I don’t get three sets of email from the bots that send emails with the weekly report etc.

So my question is: What is the logic for which bot is run if the same bot is found in multiple apps? And what if I modify a bot in one of the apps? Is it then recognised as a separate bot and will run independently?

(I understand that events that are triggered by data changes only run in the app that caused the change so this question only applies to events that are on a schedule.)

They all should run if the conditions are met (including the app being deployed). They are not “the same bot”, they are copies.

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I don’t disagree with your logic but I only get one set of emails from 2 identical bots in 2 apps.

I just had a look in the automation monitor. It looks like the bots are running in the development version of the app but not in the production version. This is true for a bot that is triggered by user updates as well which seems very odd.

So I had a user updating a record today which triggered a workflow. This is all good but, according to the automation monitor, the event fired and the bot ran in the development version and not in the production version. As the user who triggered the change does not have access to the development version and was using the production version, this does not seem right at all.

Can someone from the appsheet team shed light on this?

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Attn @Dan_Bahir @prithpal

Hi Erik,

Could you please send an email to with your userId, the App name, and Bot name and enable support access to your app.
We will investigate the issue.


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