Same value from other previous column


I have the table Country with column “Please select a Country” question.
I have the table City with column “Please select a a Country” that I would like to be an automated initial value with the answer from the previous question.

I can’t find the expression to just recover this automatically as an initial value…

Any help would be appreciated, thanks a lot !


Hi @nedim.b
Maybe check these out.


Hi Lynn,

Thanks, but the fact is that this is not going to be a dependent dropdown neither a REF structure - but instead, just an auto “copy-paste” text value of the previous question that I want to appear as the initial value. :confused:

Ok, sorry I misunderstood your question. Did you try =[Previous column] ?

I have tried in the table City in column “Please select a Country” :

the initial value =COUNTRY[Please select a Country] but nothing was recovered.

Also tried :

the initial value =[Please select a Country] but nothing happened.

I tried changing name of the second column so it doesn’t clash with the first one when researching the corresponding column but again nothing happened. I feel like it’s a very simple expression but cannot find it :frowning:

Are you looking up values from two different tables? Maybe you need LOOKUP. Its late here I have to go. Someone else may be able to help you.

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  • So I have one source data sheet which contains the following columns :


  • And I have three different tables for the above ones.

The app linked COUNTRY to MARKET automatically but doesn’t want to retrieve the Cities for the Country selected - even tho the REF is done exactly the same way as for COUNTRY and MARKET.

So I had to find another solution to bypass this issue - which would be to only have the CITY appear that correspond to the Copy-Paste text result from the previous values selected.

No worries thanks a lot anyways for your time !

Have a nice evening,


I’ll do more research on the Lookup expression in the meantime hopefully this will result in something that works :slight_smile:

So in the end here it would be more a :

depended dropdown from a different table

So I have the followings :

Data table : Localization
Row 1 : Market
Row 2 : Country
Row 3 City

In the City table, the idea would be to have a dependent dropdown from the table Country where appropriate countries are selected.

So for now I went for :
SELECT(Localization[CITY],[COUNTRY] = [_THISROW].[COUNTRY REQUESTS[Please select a country within your market]])

But cannot locate it.

Anyone who can help me on this ? ^.^’

What’s you column structure/table schema?


Data Table

Name : Localization

On Appsheet, we have

Table 1 - General information : Market + Country dependent dropdown works fine.
Table 2 - City details : City must be a dropdown from the Country selected in Table 1.

I hope this can help :slight_smile:

COUNTRY REQUESTS[Please select a country within your market] is this a column name?

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Yep it is but in the Country table which is a depended dropdown from the Market which works.

So the the expression I am trying to find is to link the City to the Country (column “Please select a country within your market”)

So what’s the COUNTRY REQUESTS part in front of the column name?

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Sorry maybe I was not clear enough so to clarify :

TABLE NAME : Localization


  • In COUNTRY REQUEST we can select the MARKET and COUNTRY which is dependent dropdown from MARKET (when asked “Please select a country within your market”)

  • In CITY REQUEST I would like to have a dependent dropdown from the country selection in the table COUNTRY REQUEST.

The issue here is that I cannot find the expression to have a dependent dropdown in a column included in CITY REQUEST depending on the selection made in the table COUNTRY REQUEST when filling in the "“Please select a country within your market” which is fed by COUNTRY in the Localization data table.

Sorry but I’m totally confused. Can you post scrshots from your table schema so that I can see the column structure? And please specify your Valid_if expressions for Market and Country columns as well.

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