Same view with different menu and title text?


Is it possible to have a view that displays a different title at the top of the page as opposed to the text that displays next to the menu icon?

So at the top of a page I’d like the view name to be: Kitchen Smmary: NOW() but I need the menu text to just be : Kitchen Smmary.


You could try the following:



"Your View Name", "Kitchen Smmary", "Other View Name", CONCATENATE("Kitchen Smmary:", NOW()),


Substitute “Your View Name” for the View Name where you want it to say “Kitchen Smmary” and “Other View Name” for where you want it to include NOW().

Not 100% sure if this will work but I am using something similar.

Thanks for the help.

The single views name that needs a differentiated title and menu label is also “Kitchen Summary” so I’m left with:

SWITCH(CONTEXT(“View”),“Kitchen Smmary”, “Kitchen Smmary”, “Kitchen Smmary”, CONCATENATE(“Kitchen Smmary:”, NOW()),“Default”)

I’m afraid that just names the menu item as default for all other views except Kitchen Summary. When in the view kitchen sumamry its displayed as “Kitchen Summary” in both the Title and menu item. :frowning:

Hmm, are the two views you need to differentiate between different view types (e.g. Deck, Card, Table)?

Are you sure they have the same name as usually you cannot have the same name for two different views?

For example the table view may be “Kitchen Smmary” however the detail view would be “Kitchen Smmary_Detail”.

I definitely just have one view :slight_smile:

Its Called “Kitchen Summary”. When I click on this:


I need this title at the top of the page to be the result of “Kitchen Smmary: NOW()”.


Find the view within the UX tab and go down to “Display Name”, turn the formula button on and try the following:



“Table”, CONCATENATE(“Kitchen Smmary”, " - ", NOW()),

“Kitchen Smmary”

No Joy.

That looks like it should work though.

The menu and title are still the same using that.

The view name at the top, and the name in the bottom menu button, both follow the same setting.

It’s either the actual view name, or the Display Name, if you’ve entered a value. But there’s no way to set them to different values because they are both displaying the exact same setting.

I think this should be a feature request. We should have separate controls for:

Actual View Name (Required, Unique)
Top Display Value (long-name, optional)
Nav-Bar Display Value (short-name, optional)


If your’e copy and pasting the above make sure you replace all the speech marks with your own as for some reason they don’t copy over correctly. Also you may not need the last closed bracket.

I have just checked it on mine and it works until the view is clicked, please see screenshots below.

As you can see the “Off Hired” button in the bottom right is changes once the view is clicked on, may not be 100% what you are looking for.

Thanks, yeah I clocked the last bracket and knocked it off.

I can replicate your result but really need to be able to have them differ once the menu is clicked on.

Looks like its not possible for now. Thanks for trying though. :slight_smile:

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  ("detail" = CONTEXT("ViewType")),
  ("Kitchen Summary: " & NOW()),
  "Kitchen Summary"
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@Steve I don’t think view names are that dynamic.
I think I remember something from someone once like: “They’re computed during sync time”

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I tried nearly the same expression yesterday and it appeared to work fine. Note this is for the view’s Display name expression.

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@Steve Just tried, no go.

The CONTEXT() portion of the IF statement is being skipped:

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