Sample App for "Group By A Field" in Reports

Good to know, finally the workflow runs as desired.

My responses-

Yes , that is possible. Any use of VCs over multiple rows could impact sync time. However in general reports are not supposed to be very long. I believe you may need to further optimize expressions so that VCs and reports run against smaller data in future.

Please try
<< Start: SORT((SELECT(Location Group [Item Id], TRUE))>>


This doesn’t work. I think it sorts the Item Id overall and then within each group.

I need <> at the end otherwise the output is just Location:

Location : <<Start: SORT((SELECT(Location Group[Item Id],TRUE))>><>

Trying to sort the Current location A-Z

Yes got it. Does following expression work

ORDERBY(SELECT(Location Group[Item Id],TRUE), [Current Location], FALSE) in place of

SELECT(Location Group[Item Id],TRUE)

Location : <<Start: ORDERBY(SELECT(Location Group[Item Id],TRUE),[Current Location],FALSE)>> This doesn’t print the Current Location.
Output is Location:
It does however sort A-Z

Thank you for all your help @Suvrutt_Gurjar.
The final template that now works:


Thank you.

Please have expression as follows

<<Start: ORDERBY(SELECT(Location Group[Item Id],TRUE),[Current Location],FALSE)>>
Location : <<[Current Location]>>
Then the template table follows as before.

In the sample app, if you observe, there is Size: [Size] above the template table and below the start expression
Edit: Added brackets around [Current Location] expression

Ok Thanks

Good to know the workflow works as desired.

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in the Virtual column u have added expression as below

INDEX((SELECT(Capybara[Key], [Size]=[_THISROW].[Size])),1)

i want to add one more condition in this expression, where i want to check and take data, when a particular column is blank,

how do i modify the above expression for this…

pls help @Suvrutt_Gurjar

Hi @DPM_reports,

Could you please share an expression that you might have worked out with little more description of your requirement?

i have not yet worked out any expression,

in your expression u have stated that when size = that row size, fire a report for all data where that stands true…

what i want is, in addition to this, i also want to include only that data where in my sheet a particular column is blank, if it has data the slice must not include it

So I believe you will need to include an AND() subexpression with that column which is blank along with size column.

Something like

INDEX((SELECT(Capybara[Key], AND([Size]=[_THISROW].[Size], ISBLANK([YourNewColumnName]) ))),1)

Edit: One parenthesis was missing in the expression.


This looks great @Suvrutt_Gurjar. Thank you for sharing.
I tried having a look at the sample app, but it wasn´t found. Did you put it down for some reason?

Hi @Nicolas_Feldman,

Yes, in my recent sample apps cleanup , the app has got removed from my portfolio.

However there has been a great tip to achieve similar results in much efficient way by @Marc_Dillon

Please explore


The app is no longer visible…

@Suvrutt_Gurjar Could you please share the App, it would be a great feature and I am planning to incorporate. The Application URL on this thread is not working.

Hi @Gowtham,

I will definitely reshare it. I request you that you please take a look at the approach mentioned by @Marc_Dillon in the tips and tricks section as mentioned in the post above.

I felt that his described approach is much straighforward than mine. If you still feel, I need to share, I will be glad to do the needful.