Sample App for monitor visitor and employee access

Hello community!
My country (Italy) requires for companies to monitor visitors. Most of them are actually using a simple book where the visitor annote the date/time entrance, mobile phone, address and put a sign; this for when he enters and when he exits.
I would like to develp an App with AppSheet where a tablet is placed at the frontdesk, the visitor (but it could be also the employee), click on some button, fill in personal data (or it shows some barcode), put a signature and that’s it.
I’ve two simple dables: access and visitors.
A form-view visitor asks for barcode or name and let the visitor fill his data.
How to create a workflow/action that write on the access table?
I’m also using a flag (logged in yes/false) on the visitors table to monitor who is logged in (counting visitors).
Another problem is how, when a visitor exit, app sheet can check in the access table the row of the first access and update that record putting the logout time?
I know appsheet is nocode but it still requires “coding mentality” :))
Thank you for all suggestions.
Of course if you’ve a better idea to implement this let me know.

Appsheet is a very great product!


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Hi Alessandro,

It can be done using the carta di identità elettronica, it has to be presented coming in and out so the check in and check out process works.

If there’s a barcode on the back of the ID (similar to how there is on a US ID - two actually in my state), you could create a field that has the barcode scanner turned on and use that field to record whatever info it gets from the barcode on the ID.

Then you could use that later on to re-scan and check people in quickly, so they don’t have to fill out the info again; the system just does a LOOKUP() to see if the ID data is present already in the system, if so it populates everything in the form.

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Yeah, I was also thinking to use the barcode on the back of ID that encodes the “codice fiscale” (a sort of SSN in the US), if it’s not in the DB, a new form is showed asking all the data for the first time.
That’s the “easy” part. Then the app write in “access table” the id of the user, the log in time and signature…
When the user exit, the app should be smart enough to understand that it have to write a “log out time” in the access table and here the options: simply add a new record (row) with the logged out time or find (how) the row with the log in time (it would be easier in this case calculating the interval).

I’ll keep you posted about my progress, thank you.

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