Sample App for route optimisation

Im getting allot of ideas right now and not enough time!! This is cool.


interesting. Good to know. Never knew about this :slight_smile:

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There is a Google Sheets add-on by SmartMonkey that does route optimization. What if the route data was already optimized in Google Sheets and synced with Appsheet? Isn’t that a viable solution?

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Indeed that would work yes. @EHong

If you’re going that route then any sort of system that would change the data of the underlying data sheet (including your own custom Google Maps API script) could function.

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Interesting service for Route Optimization:


Inparticular this: image

Yes, and also the download possibilities are incredible. CSV, KML, Google Maps, and many others.

I have sent data to integromat via a webhook which resulted in giving me a new order of waypoints, only problem is that there isn’t a return webhook in appsheet so i can only return the new order as a list to google sheet and then run a manual sync to get the right order. But it works realy good with integromat

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@1111 oh yes you can send the data directly from Integromat to Appsheet. Just use a HTTP request in Integromat.