Sample App - for those who are beginner to intermediate (Dashboard, Map, Chart etc)

Just created sample app for those who are new to Appsheet and/or on intermediate level to share some of the tricks to build up dashboard with chart etc. using Appsheet Dashboard interactive mode, plus some other tips I introduced in the commuinty before.

Getting live web data regarding Cornavirus outbread case and extracting to the google sheet to use as data source for this sample.

The origin of the app is just one table, but generate the master table out of it using also unique() expression of Googlesheet, and use Google free addon to get the latlong for the Country.

Sample app is available in my company portfolio here.


Fantastic job! I like your use of the tabs. Was this something you got from @Marc_Dillon’s recent tip, or did you already know about it?


Shouldn’t this be in “Tips & Tricks” too?

Yeah, sorry my fat fingers!

@Aleksi Sorry for troubling you again, could you move to tips and tricks if you never mind?

in terms of use of tabs, you mean my dashboard?

Done :slight_smile:

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thank you for your usual help!

Don’t you think it would be nice to have column headers in the tables inside your tabs? I just noticed that we don’t have this.

I dont know which view you are referring to? Could you put a screenshot?

Sorry for not being clear. This is what I’m thinking about:

There are some screenshots on that page.

On your app, what I mean to say is that from this view . . .

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 23.20.56

. . . if one scrolls down . . .

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 23.21.04

. . . one can no longer see the “GaugeChart,” “Country, Other,” and “Total Cases” headings.

Your app is really good but I think that it would be nice if this aspect of the dashboard view could be improved by AppSheet.

By the way, the headings are only lost in “tab” view. The same headings remain visible, even with scrolling, when the dashboard is viewed on a large screen.

cannot access, this message appears User ‘1568719’ does not have a valid ‘google’ account :sob: :sob:

Hey Tsuji,

First of all, I read through your posts all of the time and I really appreciate your contributions, they’ve been enormously helpful. I’d love to take a look through this app but it’s not working (I think you need to regenerate the columns for Sheet 2). Thanks again!


thanks for your comment. This app is no longer maintained, unfortunately…