Sample App: Multiple (and optional) dependent dropdown filters

I created a sample app to demonstrate setting up multiple search filters to narrow down the possibilities in a final Ref-type column.

“Multi Filter Example” here:

This app does NOT utilize Appsheet’s implicit dependent dropdown feature, as described in the following post.

The reason for this is to allow the user the option to filter by any, or all, or none, of the 4 filters, independently. Whereas the implicit dependent dropdown will auto-hide the last 3 filter columns until the one before it has been filled out, forcing the user to select something in all 4. Notice the valid_if expressions for all 4 filter columns, and for the Ref column.

The Ref column can easily be converted an an EnumList, base type Ref to allow selection of multiple records. I’ve used such a setup to allow user-generated reports for selected records.


This is awesome @Marc_Dillon Thank you for sharing your work.
As I see you like EnumList with BaseType Ref :wink:

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Now you could add an Action to the Form Saved Event: Go to the Detail view of the selected Record :wink:


Yep, good thought. I’ve also used similar to select which product out of many similar ones (different package dates, different sizes) to add to an order.