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Hi Guys,

I am looking to build an app that is intended to by available on both Google Play and Apple App Market that people can download to their cellphone and they can purchase a service that we will offer that will be delivered to other people’s home, lets say for instance, flowers. So people can buy flowers and send to relatives or friends.

Is there any app on AppSheet samples that you recommend I could use as a Starting point?



Any of the ‘order’ keyword apps, or ‘delivery’ keyword apps will probably suffice.

A key difference in your case, is your application is public facing. You will want to have some information restricted to admin, or perhaps build a separate admin application.


Thank you Jonathon,

I will take a look into the sample apps the you mentioned and see which one is better suited.

Can you please advise where to understand more about a “Public” app and admin restrictions?

thank you so much


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Thank you Steve,

I understand this, before I follow though with this I need to understand how the app will work and if I can achieve the intended goal with AppSheet.

I need to understand how does the users register on a Public app, I have searched for video on this or article and I can’t find nothing as such and also can’t see any sample app addressing this issue.

can you recommend any?

User registration / onboarding can be tricky.

The simplest method will have users login using one of the default authentication providers:

If you want to control access to these users, you can maintain a user white-list under the application definitions users tab.

There is also domain authentication options for business subscriptions, if you go that route. This will allow you to authenticate against a variety of different user management systems (Active Directory, AWS Cognito, Google Domains, etc.).

If you want an application specific user onboarding/registration process, AWS Cognito is currently the only method with AppSheet that I am aware of.

Another issue that I wonder if you guys could help is payment systems?