Sanity Check for Valid_if Expressions

I want to make sure these are doing what I think they’re doing.

I want this one to check if the value of column FNSKU_ASIN is associated with the corresponding Work_Order_Number on the Work Order Form table and that the Work Order Form[Status]=‘Boxing’.

AND(IN( [_THIS], SELECT(Work Order Form[WO#], INDEX(SPLIT(INDEX(SPLIT([2D], ":"), 3), ","), 1) = [FNSKU_ASIN])),LOOKUP([Work_Order_Number],Work Order Form,WO#,Status)='Boxing')

I want this one to basically do the reverse of the first one. Make sure the corresponding Work_Order_Number contains the FNSKU_ASIN.

AND(IN( [_THIS], SELECT(Work Order Form[FNSKU_ASIN], [_THISROW].[Work_Order_Number] = [WO#])),LOOKUP([Work_Order_Number],Work Order Form,WO#,Status)='Boxing')

Should I have both of these if one of them is basically doing the reverse of the other? Is there a better way to accomplish this?

I would also like the suggested values for the Work_Order_Number to only display the Work Orders which are in ‘Boxing’ status AND contain the corresponding FNSKU_ASIN. I’m having extreme difficulty making that one happen, so right now the Suggested Values expression field for Work_Order_Number is blank.

2nd, 3rd & 4th items need to be in speechmarks. As does boxing


Like this? LOOKUP([Work_Order_Number],"Work Order Form","WO#","Status")="Boxing")

What does that do?

Syntax. According to this you need the speechmarks


I think I have a lot of work to do :sweat_smile:

Also read the Troubleshooting section of that document.

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