SAP Survey - Please Upvote if you want an SAP Connector, and then answer the survey!

Dear App Creators,

We have an ERP Survey available to collect your valuable feedback so that we can make some key product decisions. For this thread, I’m focussing on SAP, but feel free to fill out the survey for other ERP’s as well. Make sure to tell us which one it is :slight_smile:

We are running a quick survey (~5 minutes) to understand the ERP systems used by our customers. Do you mind answering these few questions, or sharing with a team member you think would have the answers?

Take the ERP survey

Your feedback is valuable and will help guide and improve Appsheet’s connectivity strategy to ERP systems. If you have any questions, please reach out to me directly ( Or, you can reply to this Topic and tag me.

Thank you for your time and insights!

Scott Haaland
Product Manager at AppSheet