Save a PDF on form Save (workflow) and Create Link viewable in App

Hey All,

So Im wondering How one would create the Link to a pdf File in the app.

I would create a pdf on form save but I would than want to Generate a File link to this form and save it in a column so a user can view generated pds for all rows and download.

Has anyone does this before,Is there a sample app that depicts this?

It has been done before. But I don’t know how exactly. Do a search in this forum as I’m sure someone has detailed how it can be done.

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I always search before I post to try to avoid posting pointless stuff. If you could find it I would be thrilled :smiley: Ive searched around but I cant :frowning:

Any Ideas?

Does this help you. @WillowMobileSystems and other community members have some excellent discussions on the topic in the post below.


Yes, you can do this and it’s described in the post included by @Suvrutt_Gurjar. You may want to start reading from Post #15 in that thread to get to the meat of how it was implemented.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is not a way to capture the automatically generated filename when you are saving a PDF from a workflow. But you can specify which path and filename to use.

I created my solution as a two-step workflow to generate invoices:

  1. Creates the path + filename and saves it into a Files table - along with any pertinent info.
  2. Generate/Send PDF using the path + filename saved in step one. Because Step 1 saves to a different table you do have access to the changes immediately within the workflow to use when generating.

Correct, there is not a way to discover the generated filename.


I am not saving these files in/ through the app. In other words, the saving of the pdf’s in my folders in done through shared drive (many users do this). If I am not originally saving the pdf in the app, how can I find that pdf in a folder system?