"Save and advance" option while editing column details

Hi all,

I’m currently configuring an app that requires me to edit lots of columns in a table (> 300 columns) , either to adapt the type (number to decimal, datetime to date, etc), or to configure visibility options, page separators and so on.

I think it would be interesting if another button would be added to the top bar to update the column’s parameters and advancing to the next column, instead of clicking “done” and having to select the next column manually. something like a pair of buttons named “save and close” and “save and advance”.


Been requested before… many years ago - would LOVE to see this a thing. :+1:

I couldn’t find it while I was looking for suggestions, but anyway. I think this would improve productivity, more than once I’ve ended up clicking in some column that I’ve already edited, or skipping one because the name was similar.

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