"Save" and "Cancel" buttons both work as "Save" in the form

I have a form with standard “Save” and “Cancel” buttons in the bottom. However, both these buttons work as “Save”. If I want to cancel the form, it is saved. Where and how can I change this option for the button “Cancel”?

I think I should give a more detailed explanation. I have two forms connected to each other through the action. There is one small form for quick scanning of barcodes. I fill this form and press Save, then the main detailed form is opened and the relevant fields in it contain the data from the first small form. Then I add some extra data, press Save in this second form and then the data is sent to the Google Sheets. But! If I press Cancel on the first small form, the data is saved directly to Google sheets, as like the form entry is finished. The same is when I press Cancel in the main detailed form - instead of cancelling, the data is saved.

Why the button “Cancel” doesn’t cancel?

Please, share with me your opinions why this can happen? Why does “Cancel” button doesn’t cancel the form, but saves it? Is it a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

I’ve not experienced nor heard of this behavior. You’re probably doing something wrong. I believe @WillowMobileSystems was helping you design this? What does he have to say?

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Thank you for your answer. @WillowMobileSystems was online 4 day ago, so I think I should wait a bit. I hope there is a solution…

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