Save attachments on a different location

When using workflows, pdf attachements are stored by the default in the Attachment folder inside the app default folder (in my case /appsheet/data/appName-123456/Attachments). Is there a way to change this folder? Let’s say I want to store them in /appsheet/PDFReports.

I tried adding in the Folder path “/appsheet/PDFReports” but it creates the two folders inside the default app folder.

Thank you.

You want to store the PDFs under /appsheet/data/appName-123456/ PDFReports or you want to store them under /appsheet/PDFReports?

I want to store them under /appsheet/ PDFReports

You need to change the root folder of your app to achieve that. You can do it via Info > Properties > APP PROPERTIES > Default app folder but may be remind you that then all your app related files, workflows, images will be placed there. OR you shall define a Folder path for all those fields and relocate to the main app folder.

Thank you Levent!
Wouldn’t I get the same problem though? For instance to store images that will be now outside my new app default folder.

Hi @Matteo_Menghetti
As you want your PDFs to be stored out of your app’s data folder, you explicitly need to re-path/re-target your app’s root folder. You can do that by changing the root folder from Info > Properties > APP PROPERTIES > Default app folder like this:

Now, you can specify your PDF folder in your workflow’s Folder path property like this:

What the adverse effect now will be; all your app related images will be saved under /appsheet folder by-default as you have altered your app’s root folder. To overcome this problem; you explicitly need to specify a new Folder path to each one of your image columns and re-path them to your app’s data folder by simply using a CONCATENATE(...) expression:

CONCATENATE("/data/appName-123456/{yourtablenamehere}_Images") //disregard the curly brackets when using

Those said; I need to check provided this will have an additional adverse effect for you base gSheet and other app related files like app logo file, background and launch images and workflow templates as well. Chiming in @Aleksi

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Thank you very much Levent for your clear explaination!!! :slight_smile:

How do i let my workflow save on my second drive folder paths?

Cause the new app is on my second drive but workflows still save on my default one. PLease help