Save / cancel position display with keyboard on Mobile

Hi everyone.

I have a form view that I have set the Save / Cancel buttons to apperar at the bottom, as this image shows (Cancelar / Guardar at the bottom):

As you can see, the button stay at the bottom and writing it with a keyboard makes it easy to fill, but in Mobile a keyboard appears and these buttons stay at the top of the keyboard:

So, in my tests, the users wanted to write in the input fields and then pressed Save intuitively, thinking it would save that specific answer and going to continue to the next input field.

The problem was that the other lines were left empty and the form was sent.
A workaround was to set the fields as required, but not really all of the fields are required, so, I haven’t found an option to make these button to be at the bottom of the screen but not appear above the keyboard in Mobile.

It would be nice if there was an option to let these button hide whenever the keyboard in Mobile appears.

Thank you :v: