Save file in pdf format

could someone help me,
I want to create a workflow that save file in pdf format,

this is my google docs template,

this is my data,

but the result of my pdf was like this,

is there something wrong with my doc template?

Hi @nyoman_swastini. It looks like the Jumlah column is not displaying. Can you make sure that Jumlah is a column in your Detail Printing Outs table? And that it’s not blank? As a test, you could try putting in <<[The name of the column that has the 'Half 3' value from your screenshot]>> to make sure that will show up in the doc.

This looks similar to an issue I’m having right now, I can get all the columns from the parent record to appear correctly, but the child records don’t show up.

i’ve tried a test to a recorded data. it works,

it looks like the workflow worked before the child records saved.

Ah yes. Take a look at this example app to see how to send a workflow only after the child records have been added.


thank you very much @tony this was really helpful