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Hi all,

New to this type of functionality so have a few queries. At the minute I have an app called “Temporary Take Off” - this is basically a product catalogue that users view and input Order Qty into.

Those quantities and products are saved to an excel spreadsheet once they trigger the workflow.

The reason I am using this instead of the email workflow is because I think saving the file into a folder on a users device would be much quicker and easier to access for them. My issue is that the file is saved into AppSheet data - the app data.

Users do not have access to this folder so I am wondering if the folder or file being saved can be put into Microsoft Teams/Sharepoint instead.


I’m not sure about your last sentence and whether that is possible. AppSheet creates a top level “appsheet” directory and stores app data, contents, attachments underneath that location. You could create a “prefix” in the workflow and then share that sub-directory with teams or sharepoint or your users:

There are probably other more app-centric approaches to solving this workflow as well.

Sorry just to clarify, are you referring to creating a separate folder within appsheet data and sharing it instead of the app data contents, I was wondering if there is a way to save data OUTSIDE the appsheet data.

In your case your saying set up a folder called “SAVEDEXCELFILES” within the directory “/appsheet/data/SAVEDEXCELFILES” - is that right or have I misunderstood?

@Sarah_Keown Your assumption is correct.

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