Save form to require log entry every time you make a change

Ok, so I have it so adding an entry to the log is required when you make a change, but then it isn’t required if you make a change to an item that is already in the log, so you make the first change, the new quantity is logged with the date of the change and the user who made the change, but the next time you make a change to an item that already has an entry in the log, it doesn’t “require” that you add a log entry, you still CAN make a log entry but that defeats the purpose of tracking inventory movement if it doesn’t force you to log the change.

Hi, do you mean this:
When the new parent record is added, at least one child record (Food Update Log) is required. But when you next time update the parent record, no new child record is needed?


This is very likely exactly what I mean :slight_smile: