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Upon saving a form, how can you create an action to go to a deck view filtering out everything other than the rows with the same title as the filled out form?

Hi @Dan_Oliphant,

Could you please explore following approach-

Assuming that title is a text type column, you could create an event action on form save of LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() type

The action of “go to another view within the app” could have syntax something like

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Your Deck View Name”, [Title]= “Pizza Restaurants”) and prominance as “do not display”

In general the above action should filter and show only those records in the deck view that have title column as “Pizza Restaurants”

Please enable the action under UX --> View–> Form View Pane —>Behavior --> Event Actions


Please do post with more details if you are looking for something else.


This is perfect. But how would express “Pizza Restaurants” as the title of the form I just submitted? [_THISROW].[title]

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Your Deck View Name”, [Title]= “Pizza Restaurants”)

Is the form and deck view belonging to the same table? Then only [Title]= “Pizza Restaurants” should suffice.

EDIT: I am sorry, yes you are correct, the syntax will be something like

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Your Deck View Name”, [Title]= [_THISROW].[Title] )

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here is a video of what i am trying to accomplish. Thanks for being so helpful

I posted this before I saw your reply

You are welcome and no problem. Hope you are able to get the desired behavior.