Save from form not returning to source view


I have a table view based on a slice. I click a record from this view which takes me to a tabbed form to edit the data. After I have done editing, I click save but I’m cycled back through the tabs and not returned to the original view. I have to cancel to get out of the form. I have the event action in the view set to ‘edit’. What I find strange is that I have several other views based on slices with the same settings and this doesn’t happen?
Any suggestions appreciated.

It sounds that you have set an event action to “Edit” on a form view. Then it will keep returning to the form view after the form is saved. I believe you need to set some other event action as desired or event action as “auto”


Yes I have the Event Action - Row Edit set to edit. If I set the action to Auto, then when I click on a row it takes me to a non-form view. To edit I then click on the pencil which takes me into the edit form and I cycle through the tabs as before without returning the original slice view.

Could you please mention what is the event action on the said “Form view”?


Hi, I’ve just compared the form views and I can now see it was set to edit. I’ve changed this one to auto and it now seems to working as expected and I am returned to the correct view after saving. Many thanks for the hint.