Save inputs to user settings

I’m real new to this, so apologies. I’ve watched videos and read the FAQ’s, but still haven’t found the answer to user settings (or maybe it’s something completely different).

I’m building an app for store owners to perform inspections at their stores. The app needs to collect address, store number, manager, phone number as they initially input it for the individual stores. I’d like when they input that information that it saves it for future uses of the app. And then if they enter data for a different store, it saves that info as well and gives them a drop down to choose which store they are using the app on. Basically, that list will grow and grow if needed.

How do I store those inputs in user settings so that they can use them again later?


It sounds it’s an Enum field… then you can read the list from the table itself like TableName[Store] with the Valid If option.

Thank you. Would this satisfy the need to keep it different per user?

When you select the store with the usersettings and you read store names from the table, you can then use it as an initial value when you fill the form. So… it’s stored in a device meaning that it’s not per user if two ore more users are using the same device.