Save PDF file to a different user than the application definition


I created an application with and use data of other user I created a workflow to save PDF, but this file is saving in path of google drive inside the application definition with the

I need the file to be saved to a path within google drive in It is possible?

So far i have tried to change the path in: “info> Properties>Default app folder”, but the PDF file continues to be saved in path of

I do not believe this is possible. I believe Appsheet can only save files in a cloud storage service that is owned by the same account that owns the app.

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Actually there’s a little used setting that changes how AppSheet interacts with the datasource

  • By default, the app accesses everything from the “App Owners” account
  • But you can switch this to the “app USER” account


The only thing with changing this is that you then have to give all the emails of people using the app access to the gdrive folder as well;

  • so you have to maintain the user whitelist in two places:
    • AppSheet (for app access), and
    • Gdrive (for data access)

I would assume this applies to files and such created as well - though I’m not 100% on that.

@Phil ??

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Hi there!
I have similar question. DId you find out if “Shared table” option is a solution? I know that for the table it will work, but will it work to save tile on the user drive, instead of owner drive?