Save the form as draft

i need to save the value in the form as Draft and later i need to submit the record

Is there any way to this option available


Not directly with my knowledge.

What you can do :

  1. making a “draft table” that’s saved draft form

  2. Make an action type of “Data: add a new row to another table using values from this row”

  3. Make it only visible to the supervisor user that will validate the form.

  4. This action will transfer it to the “final form table”

Hope it will help you

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For another option: You could create a [Record_Status] column that holds a variable indicating if the record is finished or not.

Then you can easily create Formatting Rules, Slices, etc. - you can even create an action to switch the status to finished so there’s a push button to make things finished.

This is usually what I’ll do in situations like this, but there might be other considerations to take into account (such as the presence of the record in the table - if that’s the problem, @Jeremie made a good suggestion).


It’s possible to hide save button in the form

You can’t hide the save button (though you can remove the text so it’s “essentially” hidden - though if anyone tapped the blank space they would still be tapping the save button).

Even if you could, any values entered would be forfeit when you left the form.


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