Save value generated by virtual column

Hi gus,

I have a virtual column with a formula:

For some reason, now I am needing to save the value generated by the fomula, so I created a column in the google sheet instead having it as virtual column.

The new records will have the value generated by the formula, but HOW could I re-generate the values in order to be saved for the previous records?

Could you update what kind of formula it is? A few options

  1. f you know the answer of the formula, meaning how it will evaluate for each of the previous rows and you just have few previous rows, you could manually fill in those values, in the backend sheet.

  2. If the app formula can also be computed by the backend spreadsheet formula, you could write the spreadsheet formula to calculate the values for the previous rows , fill in the values ( by using paste values only option of spreadsheets)

  3. If 1 and 2 are not possible, you could open each previous row and save back, if feasible so the AppSheet formula calculates.


Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar

I will go with the option 2, I though it was an easy way to do it from the AppSheet side.
Thank you!