Save Workflow-Generated PDF to specific row based on file name

Hello, I am attempting to attach a workflow-generated invoice for an order to its respective row in my “Orders” table based on the unique Order ID. To elaborate, in my app when an order is created, a unique system-generated Order ID is created and from that an invoice is created using a workflow template. In my “Orders” table, I have added a row called “Invoice PDF” with a column type of “File”. I would like to save the workflow-generated unique invoice to the respective row in my “Orders” table based on the unique Order ID, which is also the name I am giving the file that is being saved in Google Drive. Can someone please help me figure out how to look up the name of the file saved in Google Drive and attach it to the correct order? Thanks in advance!

This is a really good question and I would like to know the answer too.

I created an app to try to work it out also.
The column type file gives an option to write the path or use a formula to find the file. From what I can see this does not allow for attaching files within the drive. There is an option for adding cloud files, when selected and the app saved an error is given:

It looks like this feature is still early in development but I would think it would be where you would find the solution.