Saving a Workflow PDF in any folder in Google Drive

We can define the Folder, where a PDF is saved.
As described here (under " Folder Name"), this folder is always a sub-folder of the Default app folder.
That means:
My Drive/appsheet/data/MyApp12345

But what if you want to have the PDF in a folder that is in your “My Drive”?
My Drive/My_PDFs

Here is the workaround:
Create a new folder in My Drive/appsheet/data/MyApp12345 and name it “My_PDFs”.
In your Save-File-Workflow got to “File Folder Path” and type in “My_PDFs”.
Go to the new created folder in Google Drive and click on it. Then hit SHIFT + Z and choose the location “My Drive”. This will add the folder to another location in Google Drive. It’s like a copy.

From now on, the PDF will be saved in
My Drive/appsheet/data/MyApp12345/My_PDFs
and in
My Drive/My_PDFs


@Fabian - nice hint! Never tried that. Good thing google is using unique folder ID’s to identify folders and not the actual physical structure :slight_smile:

I suspect this will also work for an individual document you want to ultimately live outside the Appsheet folder structure. With google, locations don’t matter. Document and folder ID’s do.

@Mike yes this is working also for a document. I came across with this video


Hi @Fabian: Very useful tips