Saving changes from one table into another

Hello everybody

I’m looking for a solution to create a history of user changes.

Let’s say I have a table and when a user makes a change in this table, there will be a new row created in a seperate table with the information about what has changed, which user changed it and on what date / time.

Is something like this possible in AppSheet?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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With a couple of tricks, yes it’s possible. Check out my community sample app from my portfolio and look for older post. Provided you cannot find it, drop me a line.

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Hello LeventK

Thank you so much for your response. Work has been pretty hectic the last couple weeks so I wasn’t able to have a look at it.

I did have a look under the hood of your app now, but I couldn’t find what you are pointing out.

Could you elaborate further on it?

Thanks in advance.

I will be in vacation till June 16th therefore I could reply you fully when I’m back. Provided I might forget it, please drop me a line at as a reminder. Thnx.

Hello, I’m interested in this as well. For context, I have a table of enquiries with a status column. Users are asked to go into each query to change the status (new - info gathering - demo - decisionmaking - sold - lost). I would like to track when the status is being changed each time. Ultimately, I want to be able to calculate the time it took between statuses and from new enquiry to sold. I initially thought to add new columns to the enquiries table but others will be using the table so want to keep it fairly uncluttered. So my thinking is to create a new table to document these changes and do the calculations. How would I go about that? Thank you.