Saving Images from URL

Hi! I am creating an app that will have several thousand images in it once it is complete. My team has started adding these images using URLs from various websites (we won’t be monetizing this, so copyrights are not an issue). We are running into the issue of links to images that have gone dead, and we imagine that urls will continue to drop out with time, resulting in more and more missing images down the line.

Obviously one solution is for us to not use urls on the backend, and download all of our current images one at a time, and upload directly to appsheet using the app editor.

Since appsheet is clearly accessing the images through the urls currently (most of them display normally), is there a more automatic way to do this? Can I have appsheet extract all of the images from the urls it is currently using so that they are stored on the cloud that it would use if I were to upload them one at a time from my computer?

I’m new to all of this, so apologies if this is all a bit convoluted.


AppSheet itself cannot download images (or any content) into your data store.


Got it. So what are some solutions for image urls dying with time? Besides downloading each one individually and then uploading to appsheet from my desktop?

Again, nothing inherent to AppSheet.

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@praveen I would think some use of SNAPSHOT() could be implemented here.

I’m not familiar with SNAPSHOT(). Anywhere I could read more about that?

It wouldn’t work in this situation, I was merely pinging the boss-man with a possibility I saw.

You might change this post from Question to Feature Request - I’m sure others would vote for this.

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We webhook things like this through integromat, then to Then pass that URL back to your app.