Saving (new) Virtual Column Values to spreadsheets

I was trying to change the previously written values to the spreadsheet but I haven’t succeeded yet.

I have a few virtual columns [a.virtual] [b.virtual] which contains complex formulas that calculate the previously added rows and the rows will be added. These virtual columns are recalculated naturally, every time I sync the app.

In app formula for normal columns [A] [B], I used virtual column names.

So, In the app, I always view the latest values for virtual columns correct. But in the spreadsheet the values are correct just for the lastest rows, the values for the previously added row aren’t changing. They should be the same as the previously added rows.

How can I change on the spreadsheet, the previously written values with the latest values of these virtual columns?

Thank you.

You need to open those records, edit the record without changing data and save it back which will re-calculate all the virtual columns, expressions and appformulas if any.

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Thank you, but I have 500.000 rows, and it would very impractical. Is there another solution to accomplish this?

You could use actions.

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You could use actions or preset AppSheet API.

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Thank you both, I have an action that performs to set the values of some columns to “100” or “50”. But I didn’t see an example of using this kind of action. I don’t how to accomplish this. Could you please elaborate, what kind of action or workflow I should use. Or is there any sample app or example of using for this action?

You need to use a webhook workflow. Select AppSheet Edit from the dropdown, select the table that you want to edit and in the JSON body use this:

	"Action": "Edit",
	"Properties": {
	   "Locale": "en-US",
	   "Location": "48.220599, 16.239976", // You can change the location as per your GPS location
	   "Timezone": "W. Europe Standard Time" // You can change the timezone as per your timezone
	"Rows": [
			"Key": "<<[Key]>>"